Managed IT Support in Essex

Managed IT Support in Essex

Managed IT Support in Essex

With a local presence, we provide IT Support in Essex. At MFX Systems we have an innovative approach to customer service.

We ensure that our customers consistently experience high levels of service and are provided with the best technology solution, from both an operational and financial perspective.

Through a combination of proactive system monitoring and a team of accredited professionals, you can rest assured that we will be able to anticipate and resolve issues with your IT infrastructure and restore services quickly.

We offer a range of support solutions that reflect our clients requirements. With our flexible pricing model and different support packages, this allows MFX Systems to provide managed support services tailored to suit your business needs.

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Proactive Maintenance

Included with our support is proactive system monitoring software which provides our support department with up to date information and threat or failure detections thus eliminating downtime and maintaining a healthy system status and functionality.

These checks include key areas such as Anti Virus, backup procedures and potential hardware/software failures and functionality. This ensures user downtime and disruption is minimized and staff productivity is maximized, resulting in better business performance.

Proactive monitoring on servers, desktops, laptops and the network has reduced tickets logged and improved productivity as it proactively tackles issues instead of us reactively fixing them.

Third Party Management

Included in our helpdesk support is third party management where we will liaise with any vendors that require changes on your infrastructure such as software providers, Internet service providers, telephone and printer providers etc.

Daily Checks

In house daily diagnostic/backup reports are carried out for all our support clients to make sure their infrastructure is running as efficiently as possible to ensure that you never lose your important information.

Network Support

MFX Systems provides full network support which covers support and configuration for your router, switches, firewalls and printers.

This support option includes proactive system monitoring software to manage and monitor your network to minimise connection downtime and disruption.

Alternatively, we can provide a router only network support option, excluding monitoring Full network support is offered on a per office location basis.

Long Term Solution

Our engineers think about long term solutions not quick fixes. This is not sales driven but purely focused on improving the client’s environment by recommending solutions for better reliability and performance.


We record extensive information of our customers infrastructures and networks which all engineers have access to via our helpdesk system, so there is never one single point of contact when it comes to support.

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We are here for all of your IT needs!

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